CT Homeschoolers’ Success

Without governmental oversight, CT homeschoolers have grown up to become successful college students and employed adults.  Homeschool freedom supports unique learning options for children.

Jonathan Supports Homeschooling

Jonathan was homeschooled from K-12 using the Oak Meadow curriculum as a foundation.  When he is a dad, he wants his children to be homeschooled, too. Currently in college, he’s earning his Bachelor’s Degree.

Sophia’s Homeschool Success Story

Sophia is a 19-year-old lifelong Connecticut homeschooler. Because she had the freedom to follow her passion, she learned animal science, with published articles in an international farming community. She would homeschool all over again.

Joseph, Homeschooling & Cars

Joseph  homeschooled since 2nd grade,  graduated college, & taught himself how to build cars during his independent time. As an adult, his hobby is working on cars.