Public Outreach

CT Homeschool Network’s Board of Directors offers support & information to groups, libraries and those who are seeking to learn more about home education. We offer PowerPoint presentations on various topics, as well as a Q&A period to offer support and resources for homeschool success. We can focus on different areas of home education to customize a presentation to meet the needs of your audience.

  • Some of our topics available for presentation:Homeschooling 101: Getting Started
    The CT General Statutes: Know Your Rights When Home Educating
    What are Home Education Instructional Methodologies?
    Time Management, Lifestyle & Methodologies in Home Education
    How Does Homeschooling Work With Multiple-Aged Children?
    Home Education, College & Trade Schools: What You Need to Know
    Lapbooking: Creativity & Research Skills Meet (elementary grades)
    Notebooking: Documenting Subject Area Facts With a Creative Flair (junior & high school)

Do you have an area of interest? We have decades of collective experience to draw upon. If you would like CHN to make a presentation for your contacts, patrons, or groups, reach out to us and together we will make it happen. We can be reached from our Contact Us page.