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CT Homeschool Network (CHN) is Connecticut’s largest statewide support & information homeschool organization that serves to inclusively inform, empower, and build community among home educators in the state of Connecticut.

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***PRESS RELEASE*** NATIONAL HOME EDUCATION LEGAL DEFENSE, LLC Attorney Deborah G. Stevenson, Founder P.O. BOX 704 Southbury, CT 06488 Tel.: (860) 354-3590 Cell: (203) 206-4282 Stevenson@dgslawfirm.com 1/16/15 RESPONSE TO RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE SANDY HOOK ADVISORY COMMISSION While parents of the state continue to await the final draft of the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission’s report, National [...]

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Home Schooling: More Pupils, Less Regulation

By MOTOKO RICHJAN. 4, 2015 FREEPORT, Pa. — Until recently, Pennsylvania had one of the strictest home-school laws in the nation. Families keeping their children out of traditional classrooms were required to register each year with their local school district, outlining study plans and certifying that adults in the home did not have a criminal [...]

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‘But, You’re So Social!’ and 9 Other Things People Who Were Homeschooled Are Tired of Hearing

“I —like many of my friends and both of my siblings — was homeschooled from preschool all the way through the 12th grade. So, I’ve had a lot of time to get used to the weird, ignorant things people say to homeschoolers. And, honestly, I kind of get it. I mean, I was so obsessed [...]

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