The Benefits of Homeschooling Year-Round

Less stress, more time, flexibility, extra-curricular activities, consistency, block scheduling, vacations, real life experiences, & mapping out the year are all areas to consider when homeschooling year-round. But, wait! There’s more. Continue Reading

National Home Education Legal Defense (NHELD)

CT Atty. Deborah Stevenson  has been a homeschool advocate working with families nationwide to educate their children in freedom.  “At NHELD, LLC our mission is to help our partners navigate the world of homeschooling, thus solidifying their natural rights as members of a free society. Through advocacy, legal help, networking, and a host of our initiatives,

CHN Launches a New Website!

After months in the development stages, CHN is excited to share the result of many years of collective homeschool experience and wisdom. We’re proud to introduce everyone to our new website. There is a lot of information here, so make some time to check it out. There are more plans on the drawing board, too.