Who Owns the Data & the Children? Parents? The Government? Part 3

Current Issues in Education – Part 3


Have you seen the trend nationwide? Public schools (K-12 or college) are moving into the homeschool territory to “help” us, to “data track” us and to cause regulation changes down the road. They are not hiding this as will be mentioned below. There are multiple links here – please check the Comments for more. It is no secret that the nation’s public schools are failing miserably and have been for well over a decade.  Further, going to college is unappealing to many students who don’t want to become burdened with significant debt and only the hope of finding a job at all, never mind a good paying one.  College enrollment is also way down and many of them are barely holding on financially.  The bar for admissions has been lowered, and even in the military, so many of the few applicants do so poorly on the ASFAB entrance exam, that they now have required reading and writing remedial classes for new recruits.

Welcome to the New America. Yet, with these stunning and ongoing failures, the universities are endeavoring to establish themselves as self-assigned experts in researching – you guessed it – homeschooling.  Looking at a success model can’t be faulted, but the intentions can. Inform yourself.

Enrollment in public school and college is way down – and it has been. Some might say they haven’t gotten it right, so they need to stay totally out of our lane, because we do have it right. We don’t need or want their “hub help”. They disagree. They are fast becoming self-assigned homeschool “experts”, who have already set plans in motion to set their sights on our children, our methods, and our…freedom. This is not overstated. It is appearing in a myriad of ways, which is why CHN and NHELD are publishing ongoing articles to inform the community.

Other state homeschool organizations are doing the same. When you see statement published like the following, it should get our attention. “The Homeschool Hub is your one-stop shop for current information on homeschooling data, regulations, and research across the United States. All fifty states — all in one place.”


We are currently seeking support for a lab expansion that will include a curated consortium of affiliated researchers from leading institutions across the country and an annual convening of researchers and policymakers. Contact the Johns Hopkins Institute for Education Policy for more information.”