Dr. Duke Pesta Podcast Interview

Opinion: A Podcast Review
by Diane Connors

Tiffany Boyd and Dr. Duke Pesta are the presenters in this radio show, Front Porch Radio. It’s almost an hour long and you can listen while multi-tasking, which is helpful.  While the content that they are discussing is relevant to all families with school-aged children, they both have a Christian perspective from which they speak.  If that isn’t where you are, please listen anyway.  The content of information is really important for everyone.

They are coming after ALL of our children – period.
Public school, private schools (already sold out) and now the sights are set on homeschooling as evidenced by the “hubs” cropping up all over the country and the work of Johns Hopkins University and others aligned with them. This is a battle of them trying to find and sustain relevance because enrollment and results are – failing – across the country. It is also a battle between the ongoing belief of some who feel the government should be raising the children, and the parents who disagree and believe the children are theirs to raise up to adulthood. What those battles look like is what is going on with current events in education.  Please make the time to inform yourself from those of us who are doing the work to be informers.  We’re really in this together and it’s about all of our children – and grandchildren.

Here are some points made in the podcast:

*Universities are losing enrollees
*There are too many people obtaining Ph.D.’s
*4 out of 10 kids don’t belong in college because they can’t hack it academically, but they’re there
*The colleges need bodies and money
*Senior English majors are reading at a 9th grade level
*College is now what high school used to be (and they wonder why homeschoolers leave them in the academic dust?)
*Those that have control want to make college free to keep the students there longer $$$$
*Homeschoolers are better off in every way
*There are complaints (and withdrawals from school) due to the readily available radical environmentalism and sexual programming agendas
*Schools are bragging about social emotional learning (SEL) which makes kids “feel good”, but does nothing to increase academic prowess
*Common Core – is now – SEL
*SEL is a sociological takeover of the classroom
*It is further working to separate families and undermine parental authority
*A.I. Swivl Mirror is a tool mounted in classrooms for students and legislators are blindly going along with this.
*SEL is one of the largest methods used to harvest data from the kids and it is a hot $$$ commodity
*Your kids are a cash cow
*SEL is harvesting the thoughts, attitudes and beliefs of students to the prescribed, acceptable indoctrination of the public school camps.
*Homeschooling never looked so good and we see that with massive homeschool increases
*Public school curriculum publishers are committed to the SEL viewpoints
*Education professionals are indoctrinated into the SEL in college
*Many are quitting their profession because they see what’s going on “inside the classroom”
*The state is raising the kids, and there are allegations that Cardona is planning the “removal” of homeschooling; not only do they want to regulate it, undo it, but also to require the moms (or dads) to have education degrees in order to be allowed to homeschool.

I guess the fact that our kids’ parents have anywhere from no college degree to Ph.D.’s, and have decades of success under their belt, isn’t enough for these people. Homeschoolers have decades of stellar success – the proof is in the pudding. They are superior to public schools. This isn’t about the quality of education because those in government KNOW that homeschooling is a superior, successful education modality.  This is about control, politics, and the battle of the government coming after ALL of our children.  Be informed.  Share with your friends and family so they are also informed.  Just say NO. The children belong to the parents to raise until they are adults.  Period.

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Please watch the VIDEO!  You’ll be glad you did.

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