Letter of Withdrawal

If you are about to begin homeschooling  your child who is currently enrolled in public or private school, you need to write a letter of withdrawal to the school superintendent of a public school, or the head of school in a private school. Why? Because children enrolled in public or private school are subject to truancy law if they have 10 unexcused absences. So, you can’t just keep  your child home without withdrawing them from being enrolled students.  Once you have filed the Letter of Withdrawal, and deliver it to the school, your child is no longer under the jurisdiction of the local public school district. Homeschoolers cannot be truant; they live at their school.

The CT statute addressing truancy is “CT Gen Stat § 10-198a
(a) For purposes of this section, “truant” means a child age five to eighteen, inclusive, who is enrolled in a public or private school and has four unexcused absences from school in any one month or ten unexcused absences from school in any school year.

We recommend that you deliver the letter of withdrawal (LOW), certified  mail, return-receipt requested.  This will cost about $5.80 at your local postoffice and they will give you the green card to fill out. You will receive that card back once the letter is delivered to the school. That is your proof of delivery.  Keep a copy of the LOW for yourself, too.  If  you want to, you can follow up with an email several days later. If you do, be sure to “cc” yourself, so the school and you, both have copies.

Once you send your letter of withdrawal,  you are officially homeschooling. You do not need to have any additional contact with the school district. They may ask you to file the Notice of Intent (NOI), which is 100% voluntary. It’s important to understand that the NOI is not required by law, even though the district’s form might say that you “must” sign it. It is a policy only. Most parents do not file it. CHN and National Home Education Legal Defense acknowledge the parent’s choice to file it. However, we do not recommend doing so.

If you do file the NOI, the district might ask  you to do and end-of-year portfolio review at the end of the school year.  That, too, is the parent’s choice as it is not required by law. Most districts do not request it, and parents are not obligated to in any way. If you do attend a portfolio review, bring a friend or family  member with you. You only need to show that instruction occurred; some pages of school work, for example.  The meeting should be done in 15 minutes or less and the district should not be commenting on  your homeschool materials.

Attention: to the public school superintendent, or the head of school, for a private school.  Also, if you have multiple children, you can list all of them in the same withdrawal letter. You only need to do the withdrawal once.


August 31, 2020,

Dear Superintendent,

Effective immediately, I am withdrawing my child, Jane Doe, age 10,  from the Your Town Public School District.
Jane will be instructed in accordance with CT General Statute 10-184.


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