Letter of Withdrawal

If you are about to withdraw your child from public school, you need to write a letter of withdrawal to the school superintendent, before you become a homeschooler. Once you have filed the Letter of Withdrawal, and deliver it to the school, your child is no longer under the jurisdiction of the local public school district. You can deliver the letter by hand, and ask for a signed copy, stating that they are simply in receipt of your letter. Or, you can mail a copy to the superintendent’s office via certified mail, return receipt requested. Keep a copy of all records ! The school and the parents should have a dated, signed copy of the letter of withdrawal for their respective records.

Once that is completed, you are officially homeschooling. You do not need to do anything else with regard to the school district. They may ask you to file the Notice of Intent (NOI), which is 100% voluntary; a suggested procedure that does not have statutory authority.

If you do file the NOI, you should also do a Portfolio Review at the end of the school year.
If you have not filed the NOI, you do not need to participate in a Portfolio Review at the end of the school year.

Here is a sample of what you can write:

“September 1, 2013,

Dear Mr./Mrs./Miss/Ms. Superintendent,

Effective immediately, I am withdrawing my child, Jane Doe, from the Your Town Public School District. Jane will be homeschooling in accordance with CT General Statute 10-184.


Your Name
Your Spouses Name (optional)”