The Des Moines Register Must Hate Homeschooling

The Des Moines Register again attacked homeschooling families who opt to take part in Iowa’s independent private instruction (IPI) option passed as part of the education reform bill in 2013.  They first wrote an editorial in 2013 bemoaning the change in the law, and a year-and-a-half later they publish yet another editorial which follows a column written by Rekha Basu.  Basu balked at the idea of home education, homeschoolers benefiting from education savings accounts (or probably any tax credit or deduction I suppose) and even large families.

This is incredible.  Why are they fixated on us?  I have to wonder if there is some sort of mental disorder at play here?  Oh yeah, never mind, they’re liberal statists.

This is the second school year independent private instruction has been in effect.  One would think the Register’s editorial board would have some anecdotal evidence justifying their critique.  In that time, however, we’ve not seen any news stories about rampant abuse and neglect out of homeschooling families in Iowa.  (I can see a series coming as they troll the internet in search of stories nationwide.)  We’ve also not seen any stories about children in Iowa suddenly disappearing from their public schools without explanation later to find out the parents decided to homeschool.

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