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It’s no secret that the number of homeschool families across America continues to increase steadily at an estimated rate of 2 – 10% per year, depending on the geographical location. CT is among the top ten states for rapidly growing numbers of families homeschooling. We are also one of the least regulated states; we do our job well and we’ve proven that regulations don’t equate homeschool success outcomes. You may find the following websites of interest in further understanding of homeschool statistics.

Homeschooling Goes Mainstream

A Christian Pioneer of Homeschooling Looks to its Future

Homeschooling Statistics – Arm Yourself With the Truth
“Whether I look at studies about academics, or whether I look at studies about socialization, or whether I look at university students that I have experienced that have been homeschooled, I find that homeschooling is the significantly superior approach to education for the vast majority of people.” Dr. Jay Wile, Ph.D.”

Want To Tell The State To Stick It ? Homeschool Your Kids
This is a very strongly stated opinion piece, published in 2013

Homeschool Statistics

Homeschooling Research & Scholarship

National Center for Education Statistics: Homeschooling
“…91 percent of homeschooled students had parents who said that a concern about the environment of other schools was an important reason for homeschooling their child…”

School Choice In the United States: Homeschooling

Why Homeschool?
“Nearly three percent of the population homeschooling is huge: six percent is mind-blowing. And so far, the significance of this trend is not really discussed or understood. Yes, these kids are protected from harmful influences at school.”

Study on Homeschool Graduates Going on to College
A study conducted by Michael Cogan of the University of St. Thomas revealed that homeschooled students graduated college at a rate of 66.7%, which is almost 10% higher than students who came from a traditional public high school. The study also showed that homeschooled students consistently earned a higher GPA than the other students enrolled in the college.

Facts & Stats About Homeschooling

SAT Scores and the Homeschooled Child
“Taking the ACT and/or the SAT is a milestone in a high school student’s academic life and the results of these tests are usually part of the college application package. Students in public high schools are often guided through this process as part of their academic program, but in a homeschool situation, it is up to the parent to provide the student the necessary materials to study for and satisfactorily complete these tests.

How do Home-educated Students Fare on the SAT?
While the test doesn’t categorize homeschooling specifically in their data sets, homeschoolers would be placed in the broader category of ‘Private-Independent Schools’. According to 2014 SAT results, 84% of test-takers were enrolled in public high schools while 7% were enrolled in independent private schools. The remaining test-takers (9%) were enrolled in religious private schools.”

Law: Landmark court cases regarding education in the USA

Currently: What’s happening in public schools today?
Sam Blumenfeld: Revolution in Homeschooling
Sam Blumenfeld: The History of Public Education
Beverly Eakman: Education’s Whistleblower
Charlotte Iserbyt – The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America