Homeschool Leaders

Homeschool leaders are the backbone of the Connecticut homeschool community.  They do the work of outreach, planning events, having a platform for others in the community to share their events, and encompass many opportunities for families to enjoy both socialization opportunities as well as academic ones.  Many thanks for their volunteer hours.

CHN and NHELD are building this resource page just for you, the homeschool leaders of the state. We encourage you to become familiar with the content shared here, and especially to share it with your groups.  As we all know, CT homeschoolers have one of the best conditions for home education in the country.  While most states do not require much in the form of regulation, many states require no governmental oversight and parents are free to customize their child’s homeschool experience to meet their unique needs and preferences. Our strength is in our communication and understanding of what our rights are.  This is a very important area where you, as a leader, can further help CT home educators.

This page will be further expanded soon.

The Letter of Withdrawal (LOW)
We encourage leaders to share this page with their group. It is a sample template with specific language chosen by attorney Stevenson. It is “effective immediately” upon delivery.  Please read and share.

The Notice of Intent (NOI)
The NOI is a Suggested Procedure for Home Instruction – a policy document and nothing more. It is important for parents to know it is fully their choice to file this document or not – most do not. Please read and share. 

What is a homeschool co-op?

What are the education models in CT?