Ron Paul launches home-school course on Constitution

Former Texas Rep. Ron Paul, libertarian extraordinaire, may have given up his congressional pin, but he’s far from removed from the political arena. He’s launched a new project aimed at providing home-schoolers with historically accurate information on the U.S. Constitution. includes the “basics of Western Civilization and Western liberty,” the site touts, as The Blaze reported. Among the teachings: geography, history, math, science, economics and the U.S. Constitution.
The courses are self-guided, so students can progress at their own speed.
Mr. Paul said on his website: “I invite parents to take courses and participate on forums — to get the education they never had. Parents do not pay for the individual courses that they purchase for their children.”
The courses are low-cost; few textbooks or written materials are required. And students are able to get help via an active Q&A forum on the site, with older students serving as quasi-tutors to the newer students.

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