Museum Staff
CT museums – please send CHN a response to the following questions, so we can use your feedback for our ongoing Museum Info Project.  We will share your feedback with the homeschool community.

Dear Museum Director,

As you may know, CT Homeschool Network is CT’s largest, inclusive homeschool organization.  We have been disseminating homeschool support and information to families who are either interested in, or are on the homeschool journey.  Homeschoolers know that CT’s museums are rich with history and offer educational opportunities out in the real world.  As CT homeschool numbers continue to explode across the nation (with CT being among the top 5 states), the volunteers on the CHN Board of Directors are working on a museum project.  We are reaching out across the state to develop a comprehensive list of museums.

In particular, we want to focus on issues that are pertinent to homeschoolers.  With that in mind, we ask that you please consider the following information and reply to us with your feedback.  As we compile your input, the collective data will be shared with homeschoolers across the state.

CT Homeschool Network offers its members a complimentary membership card.  This card typically serves to show that a family is actually, currently homeschooling, which many educational stores and museums honor by offering discounted purchases and admissions.  If your museum would honor this card with a discounted admission, what percentage off of your regular prices would be included?

It’s helpful to visit a museum before committing to investing in an annual family membership.  Do you have a day and time of each month (or whenever it is) when you offer free public admission?  If so, please share the day/time here.

Do you have a space where homeschoolers could meet for social events, or support and information meetings for adults?  If so, what is the criteria for use of such a space?  How many people would the space facilitate?

Would your museum be open to hosting an annual Homeschool Day with discounted admission?  Perhaps a slow time of year would work well for this.

Does your museum offer daytime classes specifically for homeschooled children?  If so, please include information on that.

Are there any comments/questions we don’t have listed here that you would like to share with us?

You can reply to CHN by emailing us via our  Contact Us page.

Thank you for your time.


For your convenience, we’ve listed the websites below, for each of the New England states and New York. Many of the states make for a long weekend trip or a day trip. There’s so much to do, so much to learn, and museums are fun while also being rich in history. Hands-on, life learning experiences!

CT Museum List
Link here

Rhode Island Museum List
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Massachusetts Museum List
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New York Museum List
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Vermont Museum List
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New Hampshire Museum List
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