Support Groups

CHN is working to maintain a current list of support groups. In today’s homeschool climate, “support group” has grown to become an umbrella term. Groups come in many forms; physical support groups, groups that are formed to share a particular curriculum interest, others share a homeschool style. Some groups are co-operatives that usually meet once a week. There are online groups that function as bulletin boards. Some groups are small and you only hear of them through word of mouth. Others are various sizes, but put their contact information on the internet.

What we have learned historically, is that listing one’s contact information lends itself to being a target for spammers or unwanted solicitations of many kinds. In short, it can fill your Inbox with emails you’d rather not have. CHN has decided to list group contact info only on the CHN Yahoo group. That way, it will be posted for those who need the information on groups in their area; homeschoolers.

If you are a current CT homeschool family, we encourage you to join the CHN Yahoo group. To complete that process, please fill out the CHN Membership request form here and once that is completed, current Connecticut homeschoolers will be invited to the CHN Yahoo group.