More Parents Turning to Home Education

Two articles about the increase in home education.

First Coast Mom Finds Balance by Turning to Homeschooling
When Heather Crawford realized she was seeing her kids for only a couple of hours a day while trying to juggle being a working mom she knew something had to give.
Read full article here.

Homeschooling Draws Unprecedented Interest Among U.S. Parents
Excerpt: “Faced with rapidly deteriorating conditions in government schools, interest among American parents in home education has surged to an “all-time high,” according to a new survey. Federal and state government data also show that homeschooling is growing quickly.
In an October report by the non-profit group EdChoice titled “2019 Schooling in America,” the organization showed that a staggering 15 percent of parents would prefer homeschooling over other educational alternatives such as private, public, or charter schools.”
Read full article here.

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