Homeschooled Girl with Four College Degrees

Savannah Dawson, Carroll resident graduating McDaniel with four degrees, used lessons from homeschooling, life on a farm to find success

Excerpt: “Farraris said he can see how someone like her could come out with four degrees, because she was so dedicated. Every class, she was there, and always worked well with other students.

Growing up as an only child, she said she and her family are very close. She’s lived at home while attending McDaniel and has continued work on the family farm. Dawson said she soon hopes to move into a management position there and work with training horses.

Dawson credits much of her success at McDaniel, and her ability to be such a strong learner, to having been homeschooled for most of her schooling career.

“I always tell everyone if you can homeschool, do it,” she said.”

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