Pre-K & Kindergarten

This page contains basic information to support and inform parents who are either considering homeschooling their Pre-K or Kindergarten child, or are doing so.

On the CHN Legal Requirements page, you can read about the legal aspect of homeschooling in CT. For your convenience, here it can be stated that if your child has never been enrolled in public school, you simply proceed to homeschool. You do not opt out of a system that you’ve never opted in to. If your child is already enrolled in public Pre-K or K, then you will need to file a Letter of Withdrawal to homeschool. We have a sample letter on this page. If you are planning to send your child to public school Kindergarten, and you are waiting a year so they will begin at age 6 instead of age 5, you need to appear in person at the school and file an “opt out form”. The form simply shows that you intend to send your child to public school one year later than is typical. This does NOT apply to homeschoolers, because you do not opt out of a system you were never enrolled in, nor planned to enroll in.

There are many philosophies about how to instruct a child that is in K or Pre-K. If you are planning to homeschool, you should consider doing some research on what it means to have such a young child at home. What are your goals and priorities? They will never have a chance to re-live these tender years, so most homeschool parents see the value in preserving and prioritizing the importance of play and socialization for such young children. Academics do not need to be format at this age. Learning is quite natural and simply if you just let it unfold and guide your child as they express their interest in the natural progression of learning the basics. Trust your child to teach that to you! Below are resources for you to consider when deciding what will work best for your particular child. This list is just a beginning. The breadth of options available can be overwhelming, so this is a good stepping stone to begin with.

How Can I Teach My Child to Read & Spell?
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Book: Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons (all of my children quickly learned how to read with this book): Link here

If your youngster is already learning to spell, this site offers free spelling word lists from Grades 1-8 or ages 5-7.
Looking for a list of books to read that are suggested by grade level? Here is a Must Read Book List.

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