Homeschool Politics

Being Part of the Homeschooling Movement
“If you’re a homeschooler, you’re automatically a member of the homeschooling movement. There are no requirements or membership fees, but you can’t choose not to be a member either. Like it or not, if you’re a homeschooler, you’re part of the movement, and what you do affects other homeschoolers and your own future as a homeschooler.

“Being part of the homeschooling movement has many advantages and some serious responsibilities…[we] are members of the homeschooling movement and not part of the “conventional school crowd.” This column explores some advantages and responsibilities…”
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Your Homeschooling Decisions Affect My Homeschooling Freedoms
“…Why we need to be free from unnecessary state regulation, why it is difficult to do this, and what we can do to reclaim and maintain homeschooling freedoms, including situations when this means giving up something our family wants…”
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