First Grade Curriculum Resources

The following resources can be used from K-2, depending on the child. Primarily, they are 1st grade level.


Reading & Book Lists
Charlotte Mason reading lists employ a journal technique in which the children either use copy work or write a summary of the story. From K-2 they use picture journals and draw an image of the book and write 1-2 sentences for oldest kids one might transitioned to a regular composition note book and write a summary.



You can use Khan academy and supplement with games and manipulatives. If a child struggles with a section you can find more on that math concept, to master it, before moving on.



You can incorporate field trips and hands on activities to learn through real life experience.



You can also used alternate handwriting techniques like writing in sand, letters with clay, copy work, tracing, letters with puffy paint, glitter glue etc.


 Unit studies   

Sunflower unit study  

This says pre-K but I did this with older kids and just dug deeper. We incorporated math/science/art/history/reading into a week long project.


Bee unit study   

You can observe bees in your yard, attempt to identify the different types of bees, observed pollination, flight patterns, etc.

Native American unit study ideas

*Read the book, If You Lives With the Iroquois
*Make Native American village with clay, paper, craft sticks, clothes pins. Created story cards for different aspects of life clothing card,  inside a wigwam card, farming card, hunting card.
*Made bead loom jewelry.
*Make Indian themed pottery.
*Read folk tales and saw a Native American story teller at the library.
*Visit Foxwoods Pequot museum, also the Indian Museum in Kent.