This page is dedicated to those parents who have chosen to purchase a curriculum. While there are a number of paths in homeschool education, this is one of them and for those who choose it, they will want to have all of the information possible, to make the best decision about curriculum that they can. If you’re wondering how you can figure out what the best curriculum choice is for your child, here are some curriculum review websites that will help you to narrow your choices to the right one.

Homeschool Curriculum Reviews
There are numerous curriculums listed at this website. You can sort category, curriculum title, or curriculum reviews. A great resource.
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CT’s ICONN is more than a search engine; it’s a research engine.

The service – – provides a core level of information services to students, teachers and all residents of Connecticut and is freely accessible. for elementary school students:
Link here for middle school students:
Link here for high school students:
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