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The federal government is attempting to re-shape public and private school education.  It is doing this through several intertwined initiatives that include nationwide standards (named the “Common Core State Standards”), uniform testing, and expanded student data-mining.  Special interest groups developed these initiatives and successfully had them embedded in the 2009 stimulus package and adopted as the centerpiece of the Obama Administration’s education policy.  Together, these initiatives amount to a federal schooling effort that rivals the healthcare takeover in its expansive effect.

Presently, religious, private, and home schools in the United States have strong accountability to parents while also meeting state regulations and requirements for private schools. The autonomous nature of these schools enables them to pursue their individual missions and to accord parents their status as the primary party-in-interest in the education and upbringing of their children.  As a result of adhering to their missions and their accountability to the parents, such schools have had great success in educating their students.

Particularly, the national standards movement raises grave concerns for private, religious, and home-school families. These concerns include the following:

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