From Homeschool to Beach School

For student athletes, knowing what the best path to take in order to play professionally is almost never clear. Yet, it can be very difficult to pursue a high level of education while simultaneously putting in hour after hour honing your skills on the court, especially outside of the United States.

This was the dilemma for freshman Lou Adler of the UCSB women’s tennis team, who wanted to pursue her educational ambitions alongside her other dream of playing tennis professionally. Adler comes from Vaucresson, France, a commune in the western suburbs of Paris. After middle school, Adler made the switch to alternative schooling, which allowed her to practice tennis in the afternoon after a morning session at school.

In 2014, Adler began playing in the ITF tournaments, competing in countries like Denmark, Turkey, Greece, Belgium, Israel, Egypt and Italy. In order to make this possible, she enrolled in a homeschooling program, changing her form of education once again in order to accommodate the progress she was making as a tennis player.

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