Conference Schedule of Events

(Inside Founders Hall)

All day
Children and parents are welcome to sit down and relax for a while – enjoy a game of chess, make a craft to take home, play other board games, or help out by building a cupcake puzzle!


 All day
Homeschool family volunteers will be impressing children and adults alike with returning talent, turning balloons into fun designs. Children may receive balloons to keep and enjoy.

All day
to make-and-take. These beautiful, complimentary window stars have been a favorite for homeschoolers to make and hang up in your favorite window. They look like stained glass!

with Mohegan Indian Tribe’s Sister Betty Jean
10:30-11AM & 12Noon-12:30PM
Enjoy one or two sessions of spellbinding storytelling about the historical experiences of the Mohegan Indians! You can also meet Sister Betty Jean in the Exhibitor Hall when she’s between storytelling sessions.

Are you a SNAKE expert? You’ll be well on your way when you bring your children to see Brian’s snake presentation. Come and see Riverside Reptile’s real, live snakes, up close and personal, while learning about the life of slithery snakes!


LOCATION: CHAPMAN HALL Rooms 808-A – upstairs
elevator and spiral staircase; restrooms to the right off of the elevator

CT Homeschool Network (CHN) & the National Home Education Legal Defense (NHELD)
All day – CHN and NHELD will have a Meet & Greet with homeschoolers. Be sure to stop in and meet the CHN Board of Directors and legal counsel, Attorney Deborah G. Stevenson.
*There will be curriculum and other homeschool resources available for you to review. (not for sale)
*Board members will be present to chat with you about homeschooling questions.
*Resources on  homeschool topics will be available as handouts for you to take home.
*We will have Resource Handout bags – so pick one up for brochures and to use for the materials you receive at the conference!
**Veteran homeschool mom Terri L. will be available to discuss topics related to homeschooling your special needs child. (She will be at a workshop for 1 hour from 11AM-12N, and here in Room 808-A the rest of the day)

*Personal homeschool consultations will be available on a first come, first served basis. Sometimes you just want to have a private chat with an experienced homeschooler – and this is the perfect opportunity to do so. We’ll set aside about 20 minutes to speak directly with you about homeschooling! If interested, there will be a sign-up sheet for you to select a time slot, in person, the day of the conference.  Come to Room 808-A to sign up, starting at 10AM.

**Special Education Homeschooling Support
Theresa has been home educating her two sons for the last 13 years, one of whom has deep dyslexia and dysgraphia, as well as multiple medical anomalies. Through her work, with “Homeschooling Our Special Kids in Connecticut,” she has been able to support and encourage many parents since the group’s inception in 2007.  The group’s primary purposes are to support, educate, and connect. When the group first began with Theresa and her friend, they wanted parents to have a caring place to turn where they would feel not only accepted, yet honored in their decision and journey to home educate.

Theresa is also a certified Elementary Educator (Pre-K-8) and Reading/Language Arts Consultant (K-12). Prior to home educating she taught a variety of grades, including Remedial Reading. She became an adjunct instructor at Central Connecticut State University teaching teachers for several semesters, and later worked as a Reading Consultant for area school districts training teachers via group workshops and individual support. She often says that “While home educating has required the most diligence and perseverance, it has had the greatest of rewards,” as she has been able to craft individualized programs to meet the unique needs of each of her sons and has had the privilege of watching them become amazing young men.

Theresa would be happy to speak to you if you have any questions or concerns about your personal homeschooling journey. Various handouts and resources will be available at her table. Come visit any time throughout the conference!

Unschooling with Luz
If you have wondered about the style of homeschooling popularly known as “unschooling”, be sure to stop by and chat with Luz! Ned and Luz homeschooled their son from birth through high school.  Luz has a wonderful story of success to share that will encourage, support and provide information to any prospective or current homeschooler who is curious to know more about it. Luz (and her beloved, departed  husband Ned) have supported homeschoolers for several generations, offering their home for meet-ups and support for years. Lots of wisdom to be shared!

Classical Kids Homeschooling
Diane Speed returns with her wisdom

Storytelling & Homeschooling
Mohegan Indian Tribe’s Sister Betty Jean will be available for discussing her extensive experience with storytelling and how you can utilize it as a resource in your homeschool. She’ll be in the at her table, when she is not actually telling stories in the Pavilion.


Upstairs at the end of the hallway

Homeschooling and the Law: Learn the  Basics
Attorney Deborah Stevenson is CHN’s legal counsel. She will be presenting a brief history of home education, and discuss basic facts that everyone needs to know. Topics will include the Notice of Intent, portfolio review, “equivalent instruction” – and your rights. There will be time for Q&A. Note that Atty. Stevenson will be available to talk upstairs in room 808-A when she is not doing workshops.

Special Needs Homeschool Panel Discussion

There will be experienced homeschool parents, including a psychologist, who will be discussing ways to raise and homeschool your special needs child.  Some topics included are obtaining services for your child, outside of the public school system, homeschooling a child on the spectrum, and more. Bring your questions for the FAQ.
Doug D., Terri L., Taneka

Eyes Wide Open: Five things every parent should know about homeschooling high school
12N – 1PM

Parents are often surprised when their homeschooled teen becomes unmotivated, uncooperative, or angry. Homeschooling had previously been a magical adventure marked by self-directed learning and effortless discovery. Parents wonder, “What happened? — What did I do wrong?” This workshop discusses common challenges when homeschooling high school, like motivation, attitude, puberty, achieving high school requirements. It will also provide solutions and insights that produce real results and homeschool success.  Diane Speed brings her wisdom and experience to you for this workshop.

Advanced Homeschool & Education Issues

Explaining the “hows” of the political process, meeting your legislators, knowing your rights (NOI, PR, etc), current issues of concern in education such as data mining and much more.
Attorney Deborah Stevenson


LOCATION: CHAPMAN HALL – Lower Level (Room 605)
lower level has restroooms

Environmental Education – Bringing nature to your homeschool

Learn about environmental education for homeschoolers using a multi-disciplinary approach. We will cover:  what is environmental education, how it can be a beneficial supplement to any curriculum, and where to find resources.   I will discuss the skills and practices that are enhanced through nature study and suggestions on how to best incorporate nature study into your homeschool.  I will also give an overview about citizen science and how you can engage your family in real world problems and assist in real research.  You will go home with a foundation list of resources to get your started, streamlined so you can get the most value for your time when planning lessons and purchasing ‘must-haves’ for your library, etc.

Heather Alexson
Scientist, archaeologist and naturalist.  15+ yrs experience in public outreach education in history, archaeology, environmental science and natural history.  Homeschooling mom and 4-H Environmental Science Project leader.
Trusting Your Kids to Learn
Homeschooling can intimidate the best of parents when it’s a new endeavor, or even when the children are getting older and the subjects become harder.  There is more to the story, though. Learn from an experienced homeschool mom – that trusting your children to guide the homeschool experience is easier than you think no matter what their age is. 
Audrey H.

Welcome to Community College Panel Discussion
 Michael Davis, Donna Hylton, Lin Lin, James Quinlan, Frank Stellabotte, Christine Witkowski, and Rebecca Davis (Enrollment Services Coordinator) are looking forward to meeting with parents of homeschooled children to share their wisdom and experience. Come learn about the college admissions process and also have the opportunity to speak directly with the Program Coordinators/instructors about various programs offered at MxCC, including Allied Health, Biotechnology, Computer information technology, Chemistry Studies, Computer Science, Engineering Science, Environmental Science, Management Information Systems, and Technology Studies. You will also learn about student life on campus including clubs and honor societies and various undergraduate research projects. Michael Davis will be answering questions related to Continuing Education. He teaches the EMT course, which is open to students aged 16 and up, so he can provide a lot of information for students on the value of gaining experience in the workforce prior to enrolling in a college program. This is especially important for any students who are considering a career in healthcare.

Tour the Campus with MxCC staff

Meet at Room 605 in Chapman Hall – downstairs



Teach Your Child to Read & Spell – The Lounge

Learn about easy yet effective ways to teach your child to read and spell from an experienced homeschool mom. The focus will be on an award winning technique, using the book, Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. Reading comprehension and spelling will also be discussed.  Attendees will receive resource sheets to take home.
Diane C.

Homeschooling 101 for Beginners – Panel Discussion
In the Lounge with CHN Board Members
Experienced parents look forward to meeting you and discussing the questions that new and prospective homeschoolers have. You’ll learn about homeschooling styles, learning methods, managing your time, unschooling, curriculum options, social opportunities, keeping a peaceful balance in your life, creating atmosphere, a baby/toddler in the house,  co-ops, groups, keeping the kids motivated, teaching multiple grade levels, resources and tips for homeschooling junior high and high school, teaching your children to read, utilizing nature in your homeschool, homeschooling through family crisis, transitioning from public school to home school, Everything your children need to know in pre-school, organizing you homeschool, and we encourage you to bring your questions!
Luz S., Heather A., Jenny C., Alicia H.

EXHIBITORS IN ROOMS 808-B&C upstairs in Chapman Hall or in the Chapman Hall upstairs hallway

3D Printing with Matty T.
Have you ever seen a wrench appear before your very eyes? Join fellow homeschooler Matthew Touma as he demonstrates how a strand of plastic can become a ball, a key chain, an intricate weave of chain mail, anything you can imagine. 3D Printing is changing the world – from manufacturing prototypes to toys to prosthetics. Come see what all the excitement is about!

Enrichment Academy at MxCC’s Meriden branch
Susan Mendillo
Learn more about a variety of classes via MxCC that are specifically for youth. A great way to complement your homeschool academics.

Teaching Textbooks (2)
Shaun Sabouri
Very popular with homeschoolers – effective and fun math programs designed specifically for homeschoolers to use at home. Grade 3 through pre-Calculus

Research IT CT
Eric Hansen
is a service of the CT State Library. It provides free online access to journal, newspaper, and magazine articles and to downloadable audio books and e-Books to residents of Connecticut.

Play-Well TEKnologies
Provider of K-6 STEM-based enrichment programs, using LEGO components. Stop by and see how to use LEGOs for learning.

Usborne Books
Katrina will be available to answer your questions about using Usborne books in your homeschool. Usborne provides books for sale that are educational, entertaining, informative and high quality and affordable for children of all ages from babies to high school teens. Stop by the Usborne booth and enter for a free drawing. Visit the website to see the wide variety of products available at

Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center
The Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center (DPNC) is located in Mystic, CT and provides a Home School program twice a month, on Tuesday afternoons from 1:30-4:30pm.  We offer active, hands-on activities for Little Explorers (ages 4-6), Scientists (7-9) and Eco Engineers (ages 10+).  Stop by our table to meet some of our live animal ambassadors, and learn more about our exciting nature programs!  We will have furs and live frogs, turtles & snakes for you to see up close, and some owl pellets for dissecting.

Discovery Engineering with KEVA Planks
Come get captivated by KEVA! Part art, part engineering, and all fun, KEVA planks are beautifully crafted wooden construction blocks that can be stacked in endless creative ways. Learn basic building techniques and design your own towers, castles, bridges, and more! A new project will be presented at the top of each hour with independent discovery ongoing throughout the day. Bring a camera to capture your child’s satisfied smiles alongside their amazing KEVA creations. Please note: this is a family activity and parents must remain in the area. Please do not leave your child unsupervised in the building area.

Quester’s Way
Quester’s is a fusion of fun, family, food and education.  Located in Windham – Thursdays are dedicated homeschool days!

True North
serves homeschooling teens, providing a self-directed environment that includes classes, tutoring, mentoring and so much more. Meet the folks at True North to find out about how they serve the community.

Science with Expanding the Lens!
Dr. Patricia Corso will be available for science consulting about your homeschool curriculum, co-op, curriculum design, classroom design, experiments, and science activities! Be sure to stop by and chat with her and learn to enhance your science adventures.

Northwest Park Nature  Center
Environmental education programs for pre-K through middle school. You can talk to their staff about their programming for your group or co-op.

Cartooning: Draw Funny Stuff
Homeschool education cartooning programs helping kids through fun cartoon projects, to understand how their academic subjects are used in the making of a cartoon strip and various products.

Duneland Press
Connecticut’s own Duneland Press will be presenting its vocabulary building novels! Stop by and see for yourself how you can benefit from them and learn how to use them in your homeschool or co-op.

Stepping Stones Museum
will be providing hands-on activities, resources, give-aways from Gadgets and Gizmos, and Mechanical Minds  in which visitors will explore the flow of energy through circuits and power up lightbulbs, buzzers and motors. Specializing in exhibits and activities for children 10 and under. Featuring history, homeschool field trips, and much more. Stop by and talk to the staff about what they have for your family or co-op!

Fundanoodle with Emily
Do stop by to learn about these educational products developed by pediatric occupational therapists and teachers to help children develop the skills they need for success such as fine and gross motor, handwriting, cutting, cursive, math and more!

CT Civil Air Patrol
Students and parents will be able to meet and discuss the benefits of the Civil Air Patrol cadet program which includes S.T.E.M. programs and cyber and aerospace. The CAP cadet program is officially sponsored by the U.S. Air Force and offers many of the same benefits as the ROTC program. Ideal for students interested in pursuing careers in aviation, emergency service, technology or military.

People to People Student Travel
with Ellen Connors
Providing educational travels services for children in junior high school and high school.

Operation Christmas Child
is a global ministry of Samaritan Purse bringing gift filled shoe boxes to hurting children all over the world. We bring hope and love to those experiencing famine, disease, war, or natural disaster.  We partner with local groups to fill shoe boxes with toys, hygiene items, and school supplies. Operation Christmas Child collects them the third week of every November at local Drop Off churches. Please join us. For More Information:

The Mattatuck Museum – Homeschool @ the Matt!
Students (ages 6-15) work closely with the museum educators for in-gallery learning opportunities. Art and history classes and workshops oc cur on the third Friday of the month. All lessons meet state and national standards. 


LUNCH – THE CAFÉ in Founders Hall (next to the Pavilion) – Light Snacks, Pizza and Refreshments
Note: 10AM-2PM only
You are welcome to bring your own lunch and eat it outdoors, on the deck outside of the Pavilion, or in the Café.  For a modest fee, there will be water bottles, cheese pizza slices from 11AM-1PM **or until sold out**, snack sized bags of chips, homemade cookies, & homemade muffins.