Charter School in Texas

It’s wonderful to know that our work in developing lists of educational links (an ongoing project) is helping others. As you can read in this friendly letter below, a CT outreach by homeschoolers helped a Texas charter school class. Nice to have made the connection! We’ve added their calculator website suggestion to the top of the list of math website links. Thanks, Danielle!

Good afternoon, my name is Aaliyah and I am a math teacher at North Central Plains Charter School in Texas. My students have been using your webpage,…and brought to my attention last week how helpful your site is for some their history of math projects!

As a thank you, one of the kids, Danielle, suggested another resource:
Chronological Calculator Timeline

Would you mind adding it to your page? I think it would be a great help to your visitors! I researched the article and it is very educational which is why I agreed to write to you when she asked me last week. As a teacher I have also found it to be informative for classroom and/or workplace safety as well.

We would like to thank you again for the wonderful site and hope that you add our newly discovered resource to your page! Let me know if you add it, as I would love to show her the suggestion up. She will be featured in next week’s Student’s Showcase as well for her awesome suggestion!

Have a great day!
Aaliyah Phillips

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