Another State *Reduces* Homeschool Regulations!

In 2014, 2015, and now – 2016, multiple states that held tight regulations on the homeschoolers in their states, have changed their minds.  West Virginia has now joined their ranks! The proof really is in the pudding as they say. Don’t fix what’s not broken also aptly applies. Homeschoolers are a dedicated lot. While there are many ways to experience homeschooling, they are all viable; they educate a child quite well with this viable education alternative to public, private or charter school options.  Homeschooling is now mainstream and far more readily accepted.  The *ongoing decrease* in homeschool regulations, bringing them closer and closer to the ideal model that Connecticut has, continues to grow.  Thanks to the legislators who have seen fit to uphold these changes.  Less really is more when it comes to homeschooling.


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