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More Parents Turning to Home Education

Two articles about the increase in home education. First Coast Mom Finds Balance by Turning to Homeschooling When Heather Crawford realized she was seeing her kids for only a couple of hours a day while trying to juggle being a working mom she knew something had to give. Read full article here. Homeschooling Draws Unprecedented […]

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Teaching 8 Year Olds About Sodomy, in Public Schools? Yes, They Are. Why?

Why are young children being exposed to topics like sodomy, anal sex, and other very adult topics? Who is making these decisions? Who is writing the curriculum standards for this? Parents need to wake up. This, and other reasons, are why increasingly more parents are removing their precious, innocent children from public schools-gone-awry. Enough is […]

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Video: Charlotte Iserbyt on the History of Education

This 1 hour video interview was done in 2001. It’s a MUST SEE for every adult in Connecticut. Everything she spoke about then, is fully underway at this time. Share it with your family and friends, neighbors, legislators, public and private school employees…what’s wrong with this picture? Yet another reason to homeschool. Charlotte Iserbyt video […]

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Reading and Math Scores in U.S. are Falling. Why Are We Getting Dumber?

11/1/2019 Excerpt: “Math and reading scores for fourth- and eighth-grade students in the United States have gone down compared to 2017, according to numbers from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). “Over the past decade, there has been no progress in either mathematics or reading performance, and the lowest performing students are doing worse,” said […]

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