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This newsletter is chock full of basic information for those families who will be new (or are new) to homeschooling for the 2018-2019 school year. Read the full newsletter here.

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News Conference at the North Steps of the Capitol

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Educational decline: Homeschooling surges as parents seek safer option for children

Violence and bullying a drive force but school shootings tip the balance for many Excerpt: ““I’m required by law to place my kids in a public school or private or homeschool, BUT THE STATE IS NOT ACCOUNTABLE IN TERMS OF THE SAFETY OF THESE CHILDREN,” said Mr. Lambert. “So we get lots of calls from […]

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The Socialization Homeschooled Kids Don’t Get

Excerpt: “I remember how friendship groups work, especially amongst girls. How cliques are formed. How it’s not cool to talk to the younger kid over the fence when you’ve got your school friend over. I remember how we played with power and exclusion. I gently enquire and check she’s ok. And she is. My strong […]

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