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The Des Moines Register Must Hate Homeschooling

The Des Moines Register again attacked homeschooling families who opt to take part in Iowa’s independent private instruction (IPI) option passed as part of the education reform bill in 2013.  They first wrote an editorial in 2013 bemoaning the change in the law, and a year-and-a-half later they publish yet another editorial which follows a column written […]

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From Homeschool to Beach School

For student athletes, knowing what the best path to take in order to play professionally is almost never clear. Yet, it can be very difficult to pursue a high level of education while simultaneously putting in hour after hour honing your skills on the court, especially outside of the United States. This was the dilemma […]

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Arkansas Nixes State Homeschool Testing!

After decades of having the law on the books, Arkansas lawmakers have done away with state-mandated testing of homeschoolers. Dee Black of the Home School Legal Defense Association says the state-mandated testing really served no purpose anymore. “At the time that homeschool laws began to be enacted in the early 1980s, there was still a […]

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