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Homeschoolers and Common Core

Long before eight states began rejecting Common Core school reforms, the sweeping new academic standards were considered enemy combatants in Lesley Hodge’s Loveland home. A former attorney and mother of a home-schooled teenager, Hodge is hard pressed to limit her criticism of the educational changes hitting Ohio public schools with full force in the coming […]

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African American homeschooling on the rise, over 200,000

By Taki S. Raton Stephan Stafford in 2010 at the age of 13 had a triple major in pre-med, mathematics and computer science at Morehouse College. As reported in the March 12, 2012 Milwaukee Courier series, “Young, Gifted And Black,” scholar Stephan is the youngest student ever to be admitted to this renowned Atlanta all-boys […]

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Homeschoolers Confront Common Core

Though the nationalized Common Core standards will not impact homeschooled students initially, within a few years, when those same students take the SAT or ACT college exams, they could be at a disadvantage for not having studied the “Common Core way” at home. Read more

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Homeschooled Kids Get Interactive at Science Center

Homeschoolers learn about science topics at Maryland Science Center 2 minute video

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