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The Dumbest Kid in School

So, you’ve started a new school year. And if it’s anything like last year, you’ll simply fall farther and farther behind others in your class unless you’ve already discovered a most amazing secret. Recently I heard a speaker who talked about the negative effects of television viewing on children. My own father used to call […]

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Homeschoolers find their own clout

September 14, 2013 1:30 am(3) Comments Iowa’s homeschoolers delivered an important lesson for every student enrolled in a public K-12 district, and every private school, as well as their parents: If you want to change state law, it helps to have your advocates hold elected office. Seven state representatives and three state senators who homeschooled […]

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Ron Paul launches home-school course on Constitution

Former Texas Rep. Ron Paul, libertarian extraordinaire, may have given up his congressional pin, but he’s far from removed from the political arena. He’s launched a new project aimed at providing home-schoolers with historically accurate information on the U.S. Constitution. includes the “basics of Western Civilization and Western liberty,” the site touts, as The […]

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Homeschool case focal point for hate mail

The case of the German family whose children were forcibly removed from the family home – by special tactics officers armed with a battering ram – for being homeschooled is attracting hate mail from members of the German public, according to the international homeschool advocacy organization working with the Wunderlich family. WND reported when four […]

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North Iowans say new home-schooling rules give them more options

MASON CITY — Two Mason City families say they are pleased home-schooling legislation changes have minimized oversight, allowing them more freedom to educate their children. An option that took effect in July no longer requires parent educators to share lesson plans with public school administration, meet with a supervising teacher during the school year or […]

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Homeschool of Thought

With back-to-class time approaching, Alison O’Riordan speaks to three sets of parents who aren’t worrying about uniforms and packed lunches – because their children won’t be going anywhere. I have six children aged from 26 years to five years who have all been home-educated for their primary years: Darragh (26); Oisin (19); Emmet (18); Oran […]

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‘Brutal & Vicious’: Armed German Police Storm Homeschooling Family’s House & Forcibly Seize Children Report Claims

The Romeike family’s very public legal battle has brought to light the homeschooling community’s ongoing battle inside Germany. Educating children in this manner is illegal in the European nation, which led Uwe and Hannelore Romeike to inevitably seek refuge. While the family’s battle for asylum in the U.S. continues, there’s another story coming out of […]

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Home-schooled Central Panthers football team prepares for its first test

ARNOLD • The Central Panthers junior-varsity football team practices on a grass lot next to Rockport Baptist Church with orange cones that serve as yard markers. No end zones, no scoreboard, no bleachers. It’s the first year for the team of home-schooled boys who are led by a pastor who played college football at age […]

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Valley school partnership lets homeschool families link with district

The Snoqualmie Valley School District offers public hybrid and online programs for home-schoolers who want to use public education resources. The Parent Partnership Program (PPP) started at the beginning of the 2012-13 year to support families who chose to school their children at home, but wanted a partnership with local schools. The district provided a […]

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Education Comes Home: China

Chinese parents concerned with structure in government schools are starting a new but fast-growing trend in Chinese education. About 2,000 Chinese parents now teach their children at home, according to a survey of about 18,000 parents who have expressed interest in homeschooling. More than half of the homeschooling parents told the Education Research Institute, a […]

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