13 Ways Public Schools Incubate Mental Instability In Kids

A very long excerpt from an important article. Homeschoolers hear complaints about public schools all of the time. Please read the entire article. Truth.

“The correlation between public school environments and the deteriorating mental health of children has been intensifying for decades.

By Stella Morabito

Why doesn’t anyone investigate the toxic effects of today’s bureaucrat-run mega-schools in the wake of a school shooting? It’s high time we place a share of the blame there.

Apologists for these noxious systems continue to shift blame for their failures using the media, various left-wing lobbies, and the kids themselves as programmed mouthpieces for statist agendas like gun control. Meanwhile, they keep feeding the beast by mass institutionalizing kids.

The correlation between public school environments and the deteriorating mental health of children has been intensifying for decades. We ought to consider how these settings serve as incubators for the social alienation that can fuel such horrors.

First, consider how common it is for a public high school today to house thousands of teenagers for most of their waking hours for four solid years. (More than 3,000 students attend the Florida school where the most recent shooting took place.) During their time in that maze, kids learn to “socialize,” basically by finding their place in a school’s hierarchy of cliques.

This sort of pecking order dynamic tends to breed resentment, status anxiety, and social dysfunction. Combine that with the toxic effects of social media and family breakdown, and you’ve got a deadly brew. Public schooling is increasingly unhealthy for kids’ emotional stability. Let us count the ways.

  1. The Size and Model of Mass Schooling Is Alienating
  2. Public Schools Are Abnormal Settings That Feel Like Prisons
  3. Public Schools Are Breeding Grounds for Hierarchical Cliques
  4. Giant Public Schools Are Breeding Grounds for Aggression
  5. School Bureaucracy Tends to Reinforce Social Pecking Orders
  6. Public Schools Are Increasingly Politicized
  7. Reduced Content Knowledge Promotes Conformity
  8. Public Schools Disregard Students’ Family and Non-School Lives
  9. Schools Are Becoming More Repressive
  10. Public Schooling Is Increasingly Hostile to Christianity
  11. Enforced Conformity Promotes Peer Victimization
    12. Public Schooling Stunts Personality Development
    13. Kids with Special Needs Are Especially Judged as Different

‘School Refusal Clinics’ Increasingly Treat Distressed Children

The Florida shooter used to “bang his head against a cement wall” when he didn’t want to go to school, according to a neighbor. Obviously, he couldn’t stand the school. It seemed to have literally driven him crazy. So what do you suppose the educational establishment proposes be done with such “school refusal” behavior?

First off, the National Education Association has for a long time proposed that high school graduation be compulsory for everyone until the age of 21. Can you believe that? Twenty-one years old! The NEA’s 12-point action plan to reduce the drop-out age begins with that proposal.

School refusal seems to be exploding under the radar. So, is it really the children who are the problem?

What to do with students who get physically sick at the prospect of attending such places? Answer: “School refusal clinics” have sprung up to get the kids right back into that noxious environment, which is never seriously considered as a source of the problem. The aim of these clinics is a type of conversion therapy with the intent of 1) re-institutionalizing the child and 2) if possible, reducing the child’s distress.

The first such clinic seemed to have started up in Las Vegas several years ago. But the idea has been catching on quickly, with more and more and more and more and more psychiatric centers treating school refusal in children. School refusal seems to be exploding under the radar. So, is it really the children who are the problem? Or is it more likely the toxic environment?

But never fear. Although people have been writing for decades about the inability of mammoth government bureaucracies to handle children appropriately, there’s always a new fad to the rescue, always another shade of lipstick to apply to the pig.

The jury should have been in a long time ago. As long as we institutionalize kids into prison-like schools built on a factory model and without any other choices, we’ll get more and more psychic alienation and social dysfunction. In this scenario, gun bans simply mean future mass killings would likely involve more knives, cars plowed into crowds, chemicals, and perhaps more bombs concocted from fertilizer and other household items.

It is well past time we investigate power elites hell-bent on preserving an alienating mass schooling bureaucracy that controls the minds and lives of all children. When will we stop feeding this beast?”

Full article here: http://thefederalist.com/2018/02/21/13-ways-public-schools-incubate-mental-instability-kids/

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