Legal Requirements

We offer this information about homeschooling for superintendents, legislators, and families. In Connecticut there are two things about homeschooling that need to be understood; the CT General Statute 10-184, in particular, and the Guidelines (Suggested Procedure for Home Instruction). The two sometimes cause confusion for people, and sometimes the Guidelines are mistaken for being law.

They are not law, nor do they carry the force of law. The Guidelines are part of the Suggested Procedure on Home Instruction in Connecticut. They *suggest* that homeschoolers *must* file a Notice of Intent (NOI) to homeschool, which is a point of confusion for some people. The fact is, the NOI is simply that; a guideline suggestion – a suggested procedure, that parents may want to file, or not, at their discretion. Please be sure to read and understand the law and Guidelines. If you need further assistance, contact CHN; they can help you or direct you accordingly.

We suggest that you watch the very brief video at the bottom of this page, about equivalent instruction, what that means, and why you need to know.

CT State Law
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CT State Guidelines (includes a sample Notice of Intent form)
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Legal FAQs
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Letter of Withdrawal
For those who will be withdrawing a child from the school system in order to homeschool, we offer a sample Letter of Withdrawal to present to the school district.
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What to do if the School District Confronts You
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Where to Find Legal Advice in CT
There are a number of attorneys who have helped homeschoolers if needed. These are the main “go-to” organizations.
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Legislative Process in Connecticut
We encourage you to learn more about the Legislative Process here in Connecticut.
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Equivalent Instruction
interview with Attorney Deborah G. Stevenson, CHN’s legal counsel,
speaking on the subject of “equivalent instruction” in this 4:39 minute CHN YouTube video
Important information for all homeschoolers – as well as the public, school administration, the State Department of Education, etc.