Conference Schedule of Events

Welcome! We are excited that you are looking into gaining more information about homeschooling!  This page will be updated and expanded to include additional conference information as the weeks unfold. So, please check back often! Save the date, bring a friend or family member, and enjoy a day with like-minded people who are already homeschooling, researching before they begin, or are new to the experience. Be a part of this ever expanding, successful education option for your child and your family. Conference features include product and services exhibitors, many support and information workshops, a large book sale,
and **an interactive science children’s program from ScienceTellers!**

Founders Hall is one big square.  If you enter the main doors (across from Chapman Hall) you can either go right or left.  If you go right, take a left at the end of the hall then another left and you will enter the Lounge.  If you go left, take a right at the end of the hall then another right and you will end up in the café and the Pavilion is straight through the café food ordering area. Chapman Hall‘s Room 605 is downstairs, and the 808 A-D rooms are upstairs. There will be plenty of blue signs posted to guide you.


SCHEDULE OF EVENTS (Keynote Speaker, Workshops, Sciencetellers Childrens’ Program, Exhibitors & Book Sale Info listed below Events)

Arrival: Please be sure to stop at the CHN Welcome table in the entrance of Chapman Hall! Pick up a free bag to hold the free give-away items at the Welcome table and throughout the conference.  The families who are selling gently used homeschool books, will only be accepting cash, so be prepared for purchasing some fantastic bargains on quality homeschool resources. 

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: MAGGIE SACHSE-SKIDD’s Presentation on Homeschooling With Intention & Vision
Chapman Hall 808-B upstairs, 1-2PM

Creating and developing a personal, unique, and heartfelt Vision for your homeschool journey can both define the destination and guide your daily practices. There is power in imagining the possible and positive future.  Explore how the science of habit loops can be used to create beautiful routines for yourself and your children.  Intentional activity can increase our happiness, health and overall wellbeing.  Maggie will offer practical tools and stories about what worked and what didn’t work on her homeschool journey with energy and humor.  

 Explore your Intentions and create a Vision for your journey with homeschooling.  Create a personalized plan and strategies to realize your vision and create an upward spiral

*Unlock the Behavioral Science to power up your day
*Explore Effortlessness…it doesn’t have to be hard to be good
*Manage your energy and your school day
*Create Positive Routines
*Dream beyond the curriculum… create a VISION for your homeschool
*Make small changes get BIG results  

Prepare to be inspired to succeed in 2018! Explore your Intentions and create a Vision for your journey with homeschooling.  Create a personalized plan and strategies to realize your vision and create an upward spiral.  CHN suggests you enjoy the conference, meet and talk to people, gather resources, and wind your day down by attending Maggie’s inspiring presentation – relax after a long day, sit down, and enjoy  leaving the conference with Maggie’s inspiration to culminate the conference! 

Maggie will also be available in Exhibitor Hall from 10AM-1PM. Her keynote workshop presentation is from 1-2PM in Chapman Hall’s room 808-B upstairs.

Maggie Sachse-Skidd M.A. is a veteran homeschool mom of 4, Psychology Professor, Organizational Consultant, Life Coach and Positive Psychology Practitioner.   She provides her clients with actionable ideas, thought-provoking insights and evidenced based tools toward optimal living.  She considers her greatest accomplishment homeschooling her 4 children k-12, all who have succeeded in college and are now enjoying creative careers.     


All day in Chapman Hall room 808-A upstairs

Personal Meet & Greet with CHN Board Members and Homeschool Leaders
You can have a quiet, one-on-one conversation about all things homeschooling, and get specific support for the questions and comments you bring to share.  There will be time for walk-in meet-ups and also pre-registered private chats the day of the conference. Experienced homeschoolers can speak to you about unschooling, all things homeschooling, and the law in CT. Stop in and say hello! Crystal, Diane and Megan will greet you, along with attorney Stevenson, Luz, Diane Speed, and others. This new format proved very successful last year. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive from parents who appreciated the one-on-one time to chat about things on their minds. A delight for all of us.



Homeschool and the Law
with Attorney Deborah Stevenson in Chapman Hall room 808-B upstairs

Homeschooling: Dads Chat & FAQ
with Rich H. & Todd H., in Chapman Hall room 605 downstairs
Some of the topics that will be discussed include; what’s your role as a dad in your homeschool? How hard could this really be for my wife? What’s it going to cost? Will my kids turn out weird? Having appropriate expectations for your home and kids.

Storytelling: Indian Tales From the Past (tentative)
with Sister Betty Jean from a CT Indian tribe. A must see for children and their parents. Sr. Betty Jean captivated an audience of children last year with her storytelling and she’s back by popular demand for 2018! Meet her in the Founders Hall Pavilion.  Stop in for a few stories, or stay the whole time, riveted to Betty Jean’s Indian tales! Kids love her!



General Homeschooling FAQ Discussion Panel
Chapman Hall Room 808-B uptairs

Many topics will be discussed, and there will be plenty of time for Q&A.  Tips and tricks for making your homeschool run smoothly, unschooling experiences, trusting your children to show you “what’s next”, homeschool styles, teaching your child to read, special needs children, etc.  A great opportunity for parents to talk to veteran homeschoolers about all of your questions.
Audrey H., Tina P., Coral K., Luz, Neil M., Diane C.

Protecting Your Family in an Online World
with Todd H.
Chapman Hall room 605 downstairs
This workshop will cover important topics for parents, to know how to protect their children.  We’ll dive into social media stats and why they matter even if your child doesn’t use it, Identifying the risks and hidden dangers of the web and apps. How to protect your family both in your home and away from it. A specific list…

Social Media Stats
How should you use it
What are the risks
-Identity theft
Security and prevention


12Noon – Lunch time
Lunch and snacks will not be provided except for vending machines. Bring your own food & drink. There are gorgeous areas where you can sit and enjoy your lunch. More details to come.


Special Needs Homeschooling – Not Just Academics: School Refusal, Practical Life, and Sibling Relationships
in the Founders Hall Pavilion
Learning challenges affect all areas of life. This workshop presents practical tips for such issues as school refusal, sibling relationships, and equipping our children to thrive as adults.
Kyndra Steinmann is a homeschool mom of five (ages 11-3), three of whom have learning or behavioral challenges. She has worked with students and families facing such challenges since the 1990’s. Her experiences include: reading remediation (dyslexia and language processing), speech delay, generalized delays, autism, sensory processing disorders and ADD/ADHD. Read more at
Writing at Sticks, Stones and Chicken Bones on living in a houseful of young children, special needs, discipling hearts and abundant grace! As a homeschool graduate I have an especial burden to encourage mothers to know and enjoy their children. Follow me: Facebook

Diane Speed: Develop Essential Skills for High School
in the Chapman Hall room 808-B
High school is jammed with requirements for the college-bound high school student – three or four years of a lab science, four years of English, higher-level math, foreign language – not to mention all the standardized tests!  But there are three skills that maximize all students’ chances of success at college. Each of these skills hinges on higher-level thinking, maturity, and organization.  This workshop will discuss what parents can do to help develop in their students these essential skills. Note: Diane will also be available for personal consults in Chapman Hall room 808-A when she is not doing her workshop. 


classroom 605, downstairs in Chapman Hall

Homeschool-to-College Panel Discussion
Staff of Middlesex Community College will be present to meet with parents and teens interested in their college options. Bring your questions.  Meet with staff of the college and hear about programming, learn about the admission process, learn from valuable PowerPoint presentations, and talk to program coordinators!

You will meet:
*Rebecca Rist-Brown-Criminal Justice and Middlesex Accelerated Associates Program (MAP)
*John Shafer- Center for New Media
*Donna Hylton-Computer Information Technology and Management Information Systems
*Eva Jones- MxCC Honors Program
*NOTE: Dr. Frank will be in the biotech room from 1:30-2PM giving a tour of the laboratory, and doing a demonstration of the chemistry of making slime. It’s in Wheaton Hall (up the hill), room 221.


Founders Hall Lounge (follow the blue signs)

Entertainment from Sciencetellers for children and their adults: “Wild West: The Mystery of the Golden Piano”
Grab your spurs and journey with us to the Wild West, where a legendary bank-robbing outlaw is back in town, about to strike again! After the Sheriff mysteriously vanishes, two young kids must saddle up to foil the great heist — but not before stopping a runaway train, escaping an abandoned mine shaft and discovering how a mysterious piano can play an ‘instrumental’ part in putting a rotten cowboy back behind bars.  Throughout this absolutely wild adventure story, volunteers from the audience will help us explore the fascinating science behind chemical reactions, acids and bases, combustion, air pressure, inertia and more. Don’t miss this classic action-packed western with ‘notes’ of science!  Sciencetellers: An interactive science & storytelling program for kids, with audience participation! Conduct science experiments to bring an exciting story to life.  Join CHN and Sciencetellers for a trip to the Wild, Wild West – their newest program! FREE ADMISSION!
If you only want to attend the conference to bring your child to this fantastic, educational, interactive event, it will be worth your trip!

Maggie – keynote speaker
Chapman Hall 808-B upstairs

Biotechnology Lab Slime Demo

Dr. Frank Stellabotte from the MxCC Biotechnology program, will meet in the biotechnology lab with homeschooled students.
Meet in Wheaton Hall (up the hill from Chapman and Founders Hall), in Room 221 for a discussion of the science programs offered at MxCC and slime demonstration by Dr. Frank Stellabotte.


Chapman Hall – upstairs
Room 808-C&D
all throughout the conference: 10AM-2PM

This list will be updated regularly from now until the conference.

USED BOOK SALE – not to be missed!
Join many homeschool families who are going to display their gently used, quality homeschool resources for you to purchase at greatly reduced prices. This year, CHN is getting a large response to this book sale and there will be a lot of items available.  If you have no other reason to attend the conference, other than attending the book sale, it will be worth you time. Admission is free! Bring your cashola and shop, shop, shop! You save money and you support fellow homeschooling families who are moving their resources forward. Thank you!

Maggie Sachse-Skidd – Keynote Speaker
Stop by Maggie’s table and speak with her about her homeschool experience raising four children, her college experience as an instructor, and how she’s pulled all of that experience and wisdom together in her newly published book and workbook!  From 1-2PM, Maggie will be doing her keynote presentation for this conference – don’t miss it! Culminate the conference with all of the valuable resources and information you’ve gathered, and allow Maggie to be the frosting on the cake, sending you off with her inspiring words of wisdom!

French For Friends & Family
with Martha Ligos, who will show you how you can learn french with her – Madame Marthe! Dynamic, personalized french classes for groups, families or individuals.

Phoenix Dyslexia Learning Center
Offering dyslexia – ADD – ADHD correction programs. Talk directly with Gaynelle and Leah who are both experienced homeschool moms.

On Point Education Services
Specializing in meeting the specific programming needs of special needs children! On Point Services provides support and strategies to students age 6-adult who have specific learning needs such as ADHD, ADD, auditory processing, executive functioning and literacy by assisting with academics, organizations, time management, long-term projects, and SAT, ACT, PRAXIS test prep. They work with the student, not the subject!

Draw Funny Stuff with Debra
Another popular exhibitor returns…Cartoons are a medium children of all ages and adults love, understand and can relate to. We have all, at one time or another, been entertained and yes even educated through the use of cartoons. Our Workshops actively engage the children through example, discussion and hands-on instruction.

 Teaching Textbooks
Math products designed specifically for homeschoolers. Math for grade 3 through pre-Calculus. This is a very popular math curriculum for homeschoolers!
Master Teachers Collective
The Master Teachers’ Collective is a brand new, secular online educational platform for K-12 learners that offers live and asynchronous courses. Our teachers dream big- we work as a collective to
bring your learners a unique curriculum- in designing our live and asynchronous classes, we pool our teaching expertise to come up with exciting and engaging classes for K-12 learners.
Each of our teachers has a degree in their field and has been through a rigorous application process. MTC is committed to being a safe space where students and teachers can flourish.
We welcome learners and teachers of all abilities and backgrounds.

The CT State Library
The Connecticut State Library is an Executive Branch agency of the State of Connecticut. The State Library provides a variety of library, information, archival, public records, museum, and administrative services for citizens of Connecticut, as well as for the employees and officials of all three branches of State government. The State Library also serves students, researchers, public libraries and town governments throughout the state. The CT digital newspaper project is digitizing Ct newspapers and making them freely available through the Library of Congress’ database Chronicling America. Visit the website for newspaper titles and coverage dates as well as links to our blogs, resources for teachers, and guides to our content.

Terra Lingua USA
Terra Lingua USA is an established and accredited non-profit organization specializing in cultural and educational opportunities for high school aged students worldwide. Our vision is to promote global awareness one student at a time. We offer affordable and quality cultural exchanges through an experienced and caring network.

Beverly Burgess Homeschool Coach & Consultant
has clients in the USA and abroad. She strategizes with both new and experienced parents on their journey, offering group & individual coaching, webinars, workshops, keynote speaking and she manages Homeschool-for-Success, an online membership platform for homeschoolers.

Usborne Books with Katrina!
Katrina provides books for all ages of kids and interests. From board books to activity books, and from fiction to non-fiction, she has your homeschool reading needs covered! Usborne books make great supplements to your curriculum, too! Stop by the booth to enter to win a free book!

Applied Inspirations Electronic Kits & Curricula
These kits actually teach with printed pages of instructional material AND schematics. Our hands-on LED Scope Course/Kit (AKA: Curriculum!)with Lab takes students into the college level and prepares them for a job/career. Just what students need. Self-instructional or used in the classroom.

ResearchIT CT
is a service of the CT State Library. It provides free online access to journal, newspaper, and magazine articles and to downloadable audiobooks and e-Books to residents of Connecticut. Not to be missed. This has been a favorite of homeschool attendees, and received rave reviews! You’ll be able to see directly from the computer, how to access and utilize research tools from home!

Fusion Academy
Fusion is much more than an accredited private middle and high school for grades 6-12 – it’s a revolutionary community of learning where positive relationships and one-to-one classrooms unlock the academic potential in every student and create opportunities for emotional and social growth.